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Would you prayerfully consider donating to The Everyday Saint?

Using Catholic Shrines and notable Churches as her roadmap, Eve is sharing the message of cultivating honoring relationships with God, oneself, and others to young people on a nation-wide speaking tour.

Eve's desire is to lead with a vibrant and confident faith to inspire young adults to pursue Something Greater: to pursue Sainthood through living the virtue of chastity. Our young people desire real, authentic love, and deserve the tools to know where this love comes from. By initiating conversation through a 60 minute presentation, Q&A sessions, free resources, and chastity commitment cards, The Everyday Saint will be a leading agent in helping teens find confident and unapologetic faith in God. Fundraising efforts are used to allow the ability to travel across the nation speaking to our youth about chastity and cultivating a vibrant faith. Your donations will cover travel costs, and ability to speak at various Church events, schools, and conferences for free so that the mission and message of The Everyday Saint will leave a widespread and lasting impact. Our vision for The Everyday Saint is to transform it into Eve's full-time vocation, enabling her to traverse the nation, spreading her inspiring words across the country.

Donate to Help The Everyday Saint's Mission
Goal: $25,000


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